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Porta Altinia (formerly Porta Nuova) was built in medieval times as an access point to the city of Treviso, a particularly creative and dynamic historical town at that time. The current name of the gate dates back to the early 16th century, after the siege by the armies of the League of Cambrai had ceased and after being built and fortified with materials from the Roman era. The name refers to the Roman city of Altino, which can be reached via the Jesolana provincial road.

The eighteenth-century historian Domenico Maria Federici describes it as follows: “There were three gates around the site of the ancient Castle, only one of which was used with a military function, called Altilia. The building is square-shaped and is supported by several pillars with ricetti (small fortified areas), and rooms for the guards; there are embrasures and underground places; the upper part served as a cavalier, fortification with a parapet to defend the entrance”.

It is still possible to admire its refined structure, characterised by precious materials from the Roman era. The Gate’s façade, decorated with motifs and bas-reliefs, demonstrates the desire to express a certain refinement rather than military robustness.