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Bicycle paths

Hotel Altinia Suites is ideal for lovers of cycling holidays, as it is located right in the centre of the Treviso “Ciclopolitana”, a network of bicycle paths. The circuit, which is about 45 km long in total, is considered one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the Treviso area. Tourists who love cycling can choose from a total of 106 cycling routes, stretching across the surrounding area. The hotel has a large space where you can leave bicycles in storage and recharge them, including a small workshop for any maintenance required.


  • Line 1: the 4.9 km long “Ring Mura” follows the entire route along the Treviso City Walls
  • Line 2: the 2 km long “Noalese”
  • Line 3: the 1.6 km long “Castellana”
  • Line 4: the 2.5 km long "Feltrina"
  • Line 6: the 4 km long "Santa Bona Nuova"
  • Line 7: the 1.7 km long "Strada Ovest” (West Road)
  • Line 8: the 2 km long “Viale Vittorio Veneto”
  • Line 9: the 1 km long “Via Bibano”
  • Line 10: the 2.2 km long “Viale Brigata Marche”
  • Line 11: the 2.4 km long “Via IV Novembre”
  • Line 12: the 3.2 km long “Alzaia”
  • Line 13: the 2 km long "Terraglio”

The “Ciclopolitana” cycling network will later be implemented with the following lines: 14 “Sant’Antonino” (3.5 km), 15 “Sant’Antonino” (3.5 km), Santa Bona Vecchia (4.4 km) and San Pelajo (4 km) making a total of 26 km.